By using the application turno, and accepting the "Terms and Conditions" of this service, you are agreeing to be bound by the "Terms of Service" listed on this page.

  1. Definitions
    It is agreed that the terms described in this section shall have, in this document, exclusively the meanings expressed in the following paragraphs.
    1. Application turno was developed by Value Date (

  2. General
    It is the duty of the users to regularly check the terms and conditions in order to be informed about any possible change.

  3. Copyright and Industrial Property
    The information contained in this site - namely the domain, logos, drawings, illustrations, photographs, films, contents, texts, graphics and annexed documents - is the exclusive property of turno and other entities and is protected by the legislation in force.
    Its download, copy, modification, transmission, distribution, reproduction or forwarding, in part or in full, for commercial or other purposes, without the prior written consent of turno, is expressly prohibited and punishable by law.
    The User undertakes to access the site only for lawful purposes

  4. Privacy and Data Protection Policy
    The user is the sole and exclusive responsible for all and any information that he provides on this site. The turno will process data for the purpose of providing services and administrative and commercial management of the information provided.
    The user must ensure that he has the necessary authorisations to use information, of whatever nature, prior to publication on turno.
    If the user wishes to modify or delete the information provided, he can use the functionalities of the application or must send a written communication addressed to turno, to
    The turno does not provide or make available to third parties the personal information provided by the users of this site for purposes not foreseen in its express intention, namely for profit and/or commercial purposes.
    The turno carries out all the regular procedures to preserve the privacy of the user of this site. It may, however, be obliged by law to formally disclose the information provided to the competent authorities.
    The use and/or external disclosure, authorised by turno, of the information contained on this site implies the mention of the origin and authorship of such information

  5. Collection and use of non-personal information
    As with many other websites, our website may use "cookies" or other technologies to help us deliver content specific to your interests, process your reservation or requests and/or analyze your visiting patterns. Cookies, by themselves, cannot be used to reveal your individual identity. This information identifies your browser, not you, to our servers when you visit our site. If you wish to remove or block cookies at any time on your computer, you can update your browser settings (see your browser's "Help" menu to learn how to delete or block cookies)

  6. External Links
    The user of this site may not use any application or software that may interfere with the normal operation of this site

    This website may contain advertising references and/or other hyperlinks to other websites, over which turno exercises no control. The inclusion of advertising references and/or hyperlinks to other websites is merely informative and turno is entirely unaware of the respective contents, services and/or products offered, and therefore cannot be held liable for their content

  7. Exclusion of liability
    turno is not responsible for any damage or loss that may result from the use of the information contained on this site, whether direct or indirect arising out of or in connection with the use of this site.

  8. Access
    Access to certain content of this application is reserved to duly registered users
    The use of certain features of the application is limited to users who subscribe to a plan (see How it works). For more information send an email to
    The turno develops a continuous work of updating and verification of its information and / or tools and may make, without notice, modifications, updates or corrections to the information available on the site.

    For undefined or unrelated reasons, the application turno may have moments when it is not available. These times include data copy (backups), scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, unavailability of the system due to excessive users or other reasons.

  9. Cost of use
    turno is an application with 3 usage plans, 1 free and 2 paid
    -Free, in which the user can use the application without associated costs, but with a limit on features and coworkers and teams;
    -Normal, with an associated cost per employee of 1€ (+ VAT) per month. There is a limit of 100 employees and 10 teams;
    -Advanced, with an associated cost per employee of €3.45 (+ VAT) per month. It has no limits of use, employees or teams.

    Paid plans will be invoiced according to the payment method chosen, Monthly or Annual. In the case of monthly payment, the company will be invoiced according to the number of active employees in the previous month;
    in the case of annual payment, the company has a discount of 2 monthly fees per employee; whenever new employees are added the additional monthly fee will be charged based on the number of new employees; In the following annuity the discount of two monthly fees will be applied.

    To activate a paid plan, the company/user will have to contact turno support through the email

  10. Jurisdiction
    These Terms and Conditions are governed by Portuguese law. For all disputes arising from the interpretation and execution of these Terms and Conditions, the District of Lisbon will have jurisdiction, expressly waiving any other. The invalidity or partial ineffectiveness of any of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, or the existence of gaps, shall not affect the subsistence of the unadulterated part.