• Privacy and Data Protection Policy
    The user is the sole and exclusive responsible for any and all information provided on this site. The turno will process the data for the purpose of providing services and administrative and commercial management of the information provided.

    If the user wishes to modify or delete the information provided, he/she can use the functionalities of the application or must send a written communication addressed to turno, to info@valuedate.pt

    The turno does not provide or make available to third parties the personal information provided by the users of this site for purposes not foreseen in its express intention, namely for profit and/or commercial purposes.

    The turno carries out all the regular procedures to preserve the privacy of the user of this site. It may, however, be required by law to formally disclose the information provided to the competent authorities.

    The use and/or external disclosure, authorized by turno, of the information contained in this site, implies the mention of the origin and authorship of such information

  • Data relating to persons or individuals that can be stored in the application
    turno allows you to save information that identifies people. This information is not compulsory and is managed by the user/customer of the application, and may be modified, deleted or erased at any time.

    • Entity:
    • Company name or name of employer, Taxpayer number, Name and address to appear on the invoice,
    • Team:
    • Team name, Client (Optional), Location (Optional),
    • Employees:
    • Responsible party, Name of employee, Email, Main Contact (Tlm or Tlf), Date of birth, Citizen Card, Control characters, Expiration of the Citizen's Card, NIF, NISS, Professional card, Professional card expiry date, Address, Postal Code, Emergency Contact's Name, Emergency Contact's Phone Contact
    • Point Picking:
    • Start Location Description, Start IP, End Location Description, IP end

  • Collection and use of non-personal information
    As with many other websites, our site may use "cookies" or other technologies to help us deliver content specific to your interests, process your reservation or requests, and/or analyze your visiting patterns. Cookies, by themselves, cannot be used to reveal your individual identity. This information identifies your browser, not you, to our servers when you visit our site. If you wish to remove or block cookies at any time on your computer, you can update your browser settings (see your browser's "Help" menu to learn how to delete or block cookies)