1. Conditional access
    You can configure turno so that your coworkers can only access pages and information of their own.
  2. Hide reasons for absence
    Employee absence reasons are considered confidential data in the GDPR. You can set up turno to display absence reasons only to the employee requesting the absence and to their supervisor.
  3. Anonymization of data
    You can permanently remove sensitive and identifiable data of an employee to comply with the right to be forgotten.
  4. Export all data for a single employee
    Based on the data mobility requirements of the GDPR, you can export a package containing all data for a specified employee (or all) that has been stored on turno - personal and salary details, shifts, holidays, documents, etc.
  5. Visibility of employee data field by role
    You can show and hide certain fields based on who is viewing the data.
  6. What information does turno store?
    turno stores data provided by our customers as well as application usage data. The system usage data only contains references to data stored by our customers - no identifiable or sensitive data is stored for this purpose.
  7. How long does turno store data?
    We store data for as long as you are an active customer. After termination of the contract, the customer has the opportunity to export a copy of all information in the system and the data is deleted immediately afterwards.
  8. Where is the data stored?
    All customer data is hosted in the EU. We ensure that our third party service providers are GDPR compliant and store and process all data within the EU.